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India is distinguished by its eight classical dances. Bharatanatyam is one of these and originated in the temple culture of South India and was performed as an expression of worship and devotion to the divine. Bharatanatyam represents a rich cultural heritage.

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Bharatanatyam is an art of spiritual expression. It is a unique dance of its kind as it uses all parts of the body to form multiple formations and geometric shapes, and facial expressions to portray the emotions conveyed in a music.  It is known to improve body balance, blood circulation and provide a calm state of mind. Explore the music, beat, emotion and the varying rhythm of Bharatanatyam through our classes.

Training clothes:

Chudidhar / kurta with leggings and shawl / dupatta to tie around the waist.


Alternatively, workout clothes or comfortable flexible pants (not jeans) and top.


Dancing is strictly barefoot.

The two main elements of dance are:


Nritta - denotes body movements with a combination of hand, feet, head and eyes.


Nritya - which mainly denotes facial expressions and conveyance of emotions.

Course levels

Open level beginners/continuation

Start Sunday January 28
time 9.30-11.00
x 12 occasions
2200 SKR
Teacher Divya Suresh

Classes would focus on body posture correction and exercise routines to help students build the strength. Techniques of adavus (simple dance movements) and theory will be taught. 


The Course is set for beginner and Intermediate levels. Classes would focus on body posture correction and exercise routines. We begin every class with warm up exercises. Techniques of simple dance movements (Adavus) and dance theory will be taught during the classes.

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Early summer course Open level

Start Sunday MAY 5 2024
x 14 occasions
2500 SKR
time 9.30-11.00

This course is for beginners and advanced learners. We start with with a warm-up, steps and positions before each lesson.

We concentrate on the basic body positions of the dance, the technique of Nritta and at the same time practice the different hand gestures. Gradually, short combination sequences will be practiced at the end of each class.


Divya Suresh is a talented Bharatanatyam dancer and teacher who has been learning and practising this artform for more than 20 years. She has been trained under the tutelage of Smt. Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala (Pandanallur) and Sri. Renjith Babu Choorakkad (Kalakshetra). Over the years, she has contributed to the art through her performances at National and International platforms.
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