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Bollywood covers all styles of music such as classical, folk, funk, modern R&B and western inspired. The dance reflects an experience of dancing and acting in one. Nowadays, Bollywood is a very popular and widespread dance form in the West.


If you want to express yourself theatrically, enhance your form with decorative arms and pulsating hips, and love Indian music at the same time. In addition, you get an energy boost of both beauty and joy, then Bollywood is just right for you.

A Bollywood performance!

MYSK teachers have extensive experience in Bollywood and are highly skilled dancers. We are also good at creating community and providing a family-like sense of inclusion. Everyone can dance here! Our show group MYSK has long experience of lively and captivating Bollywood shows. Please contact us for more information.


Workout clothes are fine to wear, or long skirts and tops.

We sell simple Indian skirts, blouses and jewelry.


Bollywood dance course

Starting Tuesday 3/9
14 times
2350 skr
hour 18.00-19.30 x 12 times

Teacher: Snehal Yekhe New

We make an infectiously happy Bollywood choreography with wonderfully swinging music. With a focus on joy, personal expression and the typical Bollywood gestures and movements.

We warm up the body thoroughly, based on each body part, the typical Indian expressions and gestures are trained. Such as coordination, mobility, feeling and expression. This is a perfect course choice for beginners who have not danced Bollywood before and for those who want to continue with new choreographies and basics.


Early summer course, all level

Starting Wednesday May 8
6 times
1560 SKR
hour 17.30-19.00
Break May 22

Teacher: Snehal Yekhe New

Bollywood dance offers the best of joy and energy! The class starts with a warm-up and practice of the typical Indian movements to get your heart rate up. We begin to train coordination, mobility, feeling and gestures.


The course is an elegant combination of dance styles from different regions of India that gets the body moving and the heart pumping. Indian dance is a contemporary happy pill these days and Akash Roshan brings both joy and knowledge. A typical dance session in can involve dance and movements from folk, contemporary, hip hop, semi-classical and Bollywood. This gives you the opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity of Indian dance in both form, music and feeling from the different parts of India.


The Bollywood summer class is aimed at all levels, from beginners to advanced, as the irresistible rhythms and movements are suitable for all dance lovers.

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Bollywood Continue

We cant offer this course now

During the semester you will practice the old Bollywood style, the traditional style. By expressing the lines and steps of the dance, the aim is to achieve the freedom of Bollywood while maintaining grace. The class starts with a warm-up and practice of the typical Indian movements to get the pulse going. We train coordination, mobility, feeling and gestures. The course includes training the flow between different movements, softness, stability and the personal expression that is the basis of the characteristic Bollywood dance. A course for advanced students who have danced Bollywood at least 1 semester before.

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