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ExPro Stage

ExPro Stage is a projekct that runs during the fall 2023 and spring 2024, with support from the City of Gothenburg. 


ExPro Stage offers a guest stage for dancers and performance artists. Experimental stage for performing arts and performance through public presentation, in a small format.


In addition, summer residencies and winter residencies are offered through Danscentrum Väst.

ExPro Stage - June 2  



Friday June 2

This transdisciplinary dance-music-painting performance co-creates a new dialogue where emotions guide the journey through visual and acoustic landscapes.  Our belief is that dance and painting can be heard, and music can be seen. We invite you to experience a contrapuntal meeting among body, sound and image, where we explore different rooms of emotions and atmospheres.


Dance: Emma Minarelli (IT), with a classical ballet training and studies in W. Forsythe and M. Cunningham techniques, researches and performs instantaneous movement composition in an interdisciplinary framework. 

Violinist: Agnes Högberg, with a background in classical music, is currently active in various musical contexts and genres, mainly in the ensemble Bortre Rymden.

Painting and photo: Eva Abeto (FR), is a bridge maker and a storyteller using multimedia techniques and also having a strong experience with many different media, tools and body of expression such as, paint, printing, live performance, dance, music and social media. 



Transformations, is a solo work that explores different kinds of bodily transformations. In the work we meet a character who is looking for a new self and a new skin to live in. Through movement and text, the viewer is invited into a personal and intimate space. An alien layer presents a future where anyone can become anything.



Anna-Greta Himmer is a dancer and choreographer based in Gothenburg. She graduated from Balettakademien Göteborgs Dansutbildning in 2023 and has since worked to establish herself as a dancer and creator. 


Photo Anna-Greta Himmer

Friday March 15 at 19

Resonance Unveiled 

"Tales from the White Room"

"Tales from the White Room" is the meeting of two men. Two different existences in perhaps different dimensions of time. Two versions of the same person. A scenic attempt where there is no real end goal other than transmutation, an alchemical experience through the voice.



Sebastian Ruiz and Jan Rådvik started this creative process a few years ago, immersing themselves in deep work with voice, listening and movement. Today they share with the public what their practice has been.


PHOTO: "Daniel in the Lion's Den" (Chapter 6 of the Book of Daniel) tells how the biblical Daniel is rescued from lions by the God of Israel "because I was found blameless before him" (Daniel 6:22)

Saturday March 16 at 17

Sebastian Ruiz-Resonance unveiled 7-daniel-in-the-lions-den-briton-riviere.jpg

A T A O S - Twins & Mirrors

Saturday March 16 at 17

A T A O S - Twins & Mirrors

(a) Journey to SELF in 11 Frames & 2 Timelines

(b)y/with Emil Schimanski and his 22 Masks


A performed reflection on Identity, Attachments and Healing. Looking deep into body, mind, spirit and heart, as core elements in transforming traumatic patterns and limiting beliefs. Investigating various performative acts, simulating shamanic rituals, crossing boundaries of personal and collective experience, shifting perceptions of reality and fiction. A ritual of release shapes in the corners of Self, mirrored by Other, in a choreography of inner wor(L)ds.


Open to interactive participation in the Constellation of Masks and Mirrors. Please register for the Choir in advance at or step in with free will during the event. Scripts&scores will be provided. 

LoMa dansteater-3.jpg

ExPro Stage - residency and stage presentation

MYSK, in collaboration with World Dance Company & Andra Våningen at Oceanen offers a new guest performance stage in a small and intimate format for Gothenburg dancers and performance artists.

In 2018, a pilot study was carried out to investigate the need to provide Gothenburg with a new guest performance stage in a small and intimate format. ExPro Stage is a development of the project and a platform that makes it possible to examine the artistic work by inviting the audience to its scenic process of experiments, labs, conversations, work in progress and the artist's needs in the development phase.


ExPro also includes a collaboration with Danscentrum Väst's residency activities. The residency means that during the fall of 2020, the artist commits to meeting the ExPro stage's audience, either in the form of a "work in progress" show or as a finished performance.

ExPro Stage 14jan-2023.jpg

Open Call  ExPro Stage

Try out your artistic idea, excerpt from a performance or work in progress.

The application shall contain



Contact details

Content, what do you wish to present (excerpt of performance, work in progress, interactive presentation etc)

Length of the presentation

Number of participants, name

Technical requirements (fixed light and sound)

Other information


Send your application to

*Can only be applied for by professional performing artists, dancers, performance artists in the performing arts in Gothenburg and Västra Götand region.

Select one option:

  • Compensation - for public presentation during one occasion.

  • Studio time in our premises about 8 hours

  • Fee for your choice of coach

Open Deadline during the year 2023-2024.


Pooja Claesson and Sarah Tångring

Tillie New.jpg

Tillie the terrible

Dancer, clown and music: Tanja Andersson, Stefan Ostoji´c and Per Elofsson 



Choreographer at the computer: Gun Lund. Dance: Rebecca Evanne, Hannah Karlssonoch Jonny Berg,



Dance och choreographer: Felix Skalberg


Opus X

Dance och choreographer: Benedicte Esperi och Cha Blasco 

Describe one of your services

Larsdotter & Wartel. Foto Lisa Larsdotter Petersson.jpg

Opus no1

Dance and musik:  Lisa Larsdotter Petersson and Henrik Wartel

Barlast-Donovan von Martens.jpg


Choreographer: Takuya Fujisawa Dance: Marlin Kvist, Beda Åsbrink. Photo: Takuya Fujisawa

Feri 3- MOVEMENT 6.35 - Photo _stendalenphoto .jpg

Movement 635

Dance och choreographer, Feri Sri Danarto

Photo @stendalenphoto

Describe one of your services

Samples of presentations


ExPro Stage

ExPro Stage wants to highlight performing artists who are in an ongoing stage of experimentation, lab, 'work in progress' or the artist's needs in the development phase.


Are you in an artistic process and want to share a work in progress or are you exploring a theme, a movement language or interdisciplinary collaborations? Then ExPro Stage is a platform for you that is based on presenting a process in conversation with an audience.



A cross-genre performance, moving between Odissi, Indian classical dance and contemporary music.

Shakti is related to energy, the creative force, whose source is the vital life force within us. With a deep heritage in Indian Odissi, it explores performative, innovative and meditative aspects of life.


ExPro Stage
cooperation partners

A selection

University of Gothenburg

Academy of Music and Drama

Valand Academy of Art and Design

Gothenburg Fringe Festival



Danscentrum Väst

Culture House Oceanen

World Dance Company

Andra Våningen


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